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Fncrowd was founded in 2016 in the United Kingdom as a business and career-focused professional network within Financial Services. When social networks were first introduced, site members were quick to add people they had just met or had barely known. Nowadays, we are faced with unnecessary contacts and updates, making it nearly impossible to control or maintain our networks unless we have a smaller and focused community. Fncrowd will help users: improve business relationships, connect with others for career opportunities, and stay updated with relevant news and posts.

Access to Fncrowd is by application or invitation only, as this will allow it to remain a small community and target the things that matter to its users. Most importantly, Fncrowd will provide users with useful news and a number of other unique and exciting features.

There is no cost to be a regular member of the network; however, Talent Acquisition and Executive Search members will be charged for access.

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